Sunday, September 23, 2007


Welcome to the SHARE Network Blog!! The SHARE Network was originally founded in 1999 by Chava Cannon after she had hit a block wall of bureaucracy when it came to finding equipment and services for her special needs son. Most of the time the delay in red tape made the request useless and by the time she was able to get a piece of equipment or service, her son had already outgrown the equipment or did not need the service anymore and needed something new. The equipment she got for her son that he no longer needed now was useless to her and because she new how hard it was to get it, she wanted someone else who needed it NOW to get it so that it could be used. She discovered that there were many parents out there with equipment in their closets or garages that were not being used. This discovery and the desperation lead her to the idea of the SHARE network. (Special Help And Respite Exchange Network). A place were equipment can be exchanged, a place where people in the same situation can help each other for services, and a resource place to find information.

On February 7th, 2000 the SHARE Network went online. One year later we became officially a non-profit organization and today we start this Blog.

We encourage you to comment on the comments and make posts. Feel free to email us with any questions as well. Have an issue? Let us know about it and we can post that. Most likely there are others out there with the same. We will also post special equipment "just-in" not only on the web site but also here, as well as new laws, grant information and things you should know. So check back often.

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VDR said...

Hello My name is Vickie Robinson, and I reside in Phila. Pa. Currently I am a single parent of a 24yr. old multiple handicap son. My Woody is wheelchair-bound, has a tracheostomy tube (lung diease), cerebral palsy,NEC (dieased bowel), and is trainable mentally retarded!

It has taken me 19 years to get services to take care of my son so that I can continue to work.
Thank God I found out about the waiver program,(specific amounts of monies alloted to handicap children and adults for equipment, respite, outings etc).

May of 2007, I finally got my driver's license. Now, the only problem is, can't afford the full size wheelchair accessible van that my Woody requires.

I work for the Philadelphia School District with multiple handicap children. My experience has been working with the profoundly impaired, learning support, and austic children in the Philadelphia School District. Please feel free to contact me, if I can help any parent of a special needs child in any way

Thank for letting me comment and state Woody and my needs!
Keep up the good work, there is a need for networking parents who have the same experiences!!